Why leave the safety of your customers or employees to chance? 

Be proactive!
Prevent the unimaginable with the expertise of Protect U Guard and Caribe ID, LLC.

Prevent a PR disaster from happening to your company and if you already have a PR disaster we will help you mitigate the damage with a corrective plan.
Examples of our expertise include:

Restaurant and Food Industry Safety Food Safety Planning
Inspection Preparation
Training of Employees
Post-Event Damage Control and Rectification

Food Production and Processing
Environmental Sanitation
Surveillance Cultures and PCR

Healthcare Facilities
Infection Control Plan
Training of Key Employees
Inspection Preparation

Retail Establishments
Hotels and Resorts
Swimming Pools

Professional Sports Teams
Risk Assessments
Risk Mitigation

Travel Consultations
Corporations and Missions with Overseas Operations
Immunization Protocols
Malaria and Tropical Illness Prevention

Cruise Ship and Airline Saftey
Food Safety
Inspection Preparation
Training of Employees

Forensic Investigation
Outbreak Investigation
Environmental Surveillance Cultures
PCR Surveillance

Expert Witness
Defense and Plaintiff Investigation
Expert Witnesses

Pharmacy and Compounding Lab Certification
Clean Room Testing
UV Clean
PCR based Investigations

Culture Surveillance
PCR Surveillance


What We Offer:

                  Founder, Dr. Brent W. Laartz, MD FIDSA is a Board Certified Infectious Diseases Specialist with expertise in Infection Prevention and Environmental Health.  Along with the rest of the team of food safety experts, infection control and prevention experts, environmental cleaning experts, microbiologists, and travel experts, Caribe ID will compile a report which will help any organization prepare for and prevent disasters that could ruin reputations.
                  Investigations utilize microbiologic and epidemiologic data reporting as well as root cause analysis to arrive at solid, meaningful solutions for your organization to use going forward.  Our conclusions will not just be a list of deficiencies but a comprehensive plan to prevent infections associated with your business.
                  Recommendations can be focused on in-house prevention.  Our team can assist with deep cleaning with chemical agents as well as UV cleaning systems that would be prohibitive for smaller organizations to purchase and operate themselves.  The process is performed during after-hours but the clean is long lasting.  In between the deep cleaning episodes, the in-house personnel can be taught to maintain the sanitizing plan.


The Supervising Team:

                        Brent W. Laartz, MD
                        Christopher Hanson
                        James Stephens
                        Rebecca Nygel
                  New York
                  Los Angeles

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