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These Dispensers are for our 1000 ML Foaming Alcohol Hand Sanitizer and Soap Refill Bottles.  The Bottles possess a proprietary venting system that allows the bottle to be non-collapsible (no more messy bags) and dispenses 0.8 ml of foaming product (just the right amount and because it is foaming, it won't run right off your hand like some gels).   See-through window allows you to see the product label.


The Automatic Dispenser takes 4 C-Size Batteries and has a green light to notify you that everything is ok.  When the Red light flashes, either the bottle is empty or the batteries are low. 


The Manual Dispenser has a push lever on the bottom for dispensing product.


Optional Accessory - Drip Tray (See Items P17022 and  P27022)

Automatic And Manual Dispensers for 1000 ML Dispenser Refills

PriceFrom $21.99
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